1) Club Entry Procedure
All members and guests are required to check in with reception desk when entering the club. All members must swipe their membership card at the front reception. Executive club members must also show their cards at the Executive reception desk.

2) Guests
Members may purchase guest passes at the main reception desk. Free Guest Friday is the first Friday of every month. Members are encouraged to bring in one guest for free.

The following conditions apply for guest usage:

  1. All guests must be accompanied by a member
  2. All guests must be 18 years of age or older
  3. All guests must complete an informed consent before using the facility

3) Comments/Feedback
At Bankers Hall Club, your comments make a difference. We invite you to tell us whether we have been successful in meeting your program and service expectations. Please feel free to fill out one of the comment cards available at various locations throughout the club, or speak to our management team.

4) Putting Your Membership on Hold
Members may put their membership on hold for the following reasons:

  1. Business travel
  2. Illness/injury/pregnancy

Please contact our accounting department at 403-298-4750 regarding applicable fees and restrictions.

5) Etiquette and Guidelines
BHC has the following guidelines and general rules of etiquette for the courtesy and safety of all members in the fitness centre:

  1. Members are required to wear athletic shoes and appropriate fitness attire when in the fitness area
  2. Do not drop weights on the floor
  3. Please launder your workout clothes regularly and avoid wearing strong scents while you are exercising
  4. Wipe down the cardio and weight equipment after use
  5. Return equipment, magazines, newspapers, mats, and fitballs to appropriate areas
  6. When using weight machines, please allow others to work in between sets
  7. Please shower thoroughly before entering whirlpool
  8. Put used towels in appropriate bins
  9. Use cell phones in designated areas of the club
  10. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the locker rooms

6) Lost or Stolen Articles
Even though security cameras are located in various areas of BHC, we recommend that you do not bring valuables into the club. If an article has been lost or stolen, please report it to our reception desks. BHC does not take responsibility for lost or stolen items.

7) Members Advisory Group
The BHC Members Advisory Group (MAG) provides the BHC membership with an opportunity to contribute to the development of the club’s policies and procedures. The MAG members meet approximately once every quarter.

8) Steam Rooms and Whirlpool

  1. Read the safety tips posted before use
  2. Please shower before entering
  3. Refrain from using after consuming alcohol
  4. Shaving is not permitted
  5. Do not read newspapers in the steam room or whirlpool as the papers become unusable for others and the ink stains the whirlpool liner

9) Facility Maintenance/Temporary Shutdowns
On occasion – usually on an annual basis for a few days in the summer – BHC may choose to shut down the facility in order to make upgrades and perform extensive maintenance. Members will always receive prior notice to these shutdowns; however, should we experience service interruptions at other times, such as in the  steam room or whirlpool areas, members can be assured that we always endeavour to repair our facility quickly and properly.