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Team training will continue to be offered with sessions being trained outdoors and limited to 4-6 individuals per group.

High-intensity workouts will be allowed outdoors and masks will not be required, provided that the mandatory physical distancing of 3 metres is maintained.

For information on how we’re keeping you safe with group fitness classes click here. 

Program Descriptions

Class Name Description
Barre Workout Barre Fitness is a hybrid workout class, combining ballet-inspired moves with elements of pilates, dance, yoga and strength training. We use a variety of exercises on the bar, also incorporating body weight movements, fusion balls, sliders, smash balls, weights, bands, and static stretching movements.
Circuit 201 This 201 Classic Circuit class with cardio, weights, medicine ball work, plyometrics, and stability exercises takes the circuit to the next level of results.
Complete Core Can I really do "Core" for 45 minutes? Yes you can! This Complete Core class will help improve your functional core movement is multiplanar movement that is made to be used in!
Cycle & Cycle Plus A challenging, innovative bike class that will simulate climbing a mountain trail or cycling the Tour de Bankers Hall Club. Cycle classes are full of motivation to help you improve your fitness at your own pace.
Fusion This is a full body muscle conditioning workout including cardio components. Improve your strength and posture for that long and lean look!
MetX or HIIT High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a form of interval training, an exercise strategy alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less-intense recovery periods.
Navy Seals Bootcamp Go undercover with your body! This class focuses on body weight exercises and aerobic conditioning. It will challenge your mental and physical toughness that is guaranteed to make you sweat.
Spartan A station class where you and your partner must race through the stations before the other team catches up. Different rows will accomodate many fitness levels. I am Sparta!
Total Body System (TBS) TBS combines many fitness systems in your body - muscular strength, endurance, speed and cardio. A timed class at your own station. Tax your Total Body in this System! TBS!
Tread and Shred This will be a cardio/HIIT based workout on the treadmill and in the Group Fitness Studio! This class offers dynamic stretching, track drills, band activation exercises, core and dynamic fun cardio workout! We meet in the Group Fitness Studio to warm up.
ViPR ViPR stands for Vitality Performance and Re-conditioning and we use the natural movement patterns of life and we add the weighted resistance of the ViPR to create a functionally strong and lean body. It’s maximum energy expenditure because all of the body is moving all of the time!
Weekend Warriors In case you missed your weekly workout, come out Saturday morning to get all your components of fitness in ONE Class! Please register with No Cost to register.
Ashtanga Yoga Ashtanga is a traditional practice reinforcing the connection of breath and movement. You'll begin by warming up with several rounds of Sun salutations A & B, and then move through a defined series of standing, seated and finishing postures. You'll hold each posture for five cycles of breath as you move through twists, stretches, backends and options for inversions. Great practice for all skill levels.
JOGA A series of postures designed to promote strength, concious movement and intentional recovery. Ideal for athletes.
Meditation Yoga Challenge yourself to quiet your reactive mind by anchoring your attention to the rhythm of your breath. This is an unguided class.
Slowburn Yoga Focus inward with soothing music and slow progression. This sensual practice links full, rich breathes with slow, intentional, grounded postures allowing you to explore the benefits of each pose while finding balance and release.
Vinyasa Yoga Flow Build physical and mental strength as you flow through a fast-paced series of yoga poses. This practice requires you to draw on your breath as your inner source of power in this energizing and challenging class. The teacher will turn up the music to accompany you while you move and breath.
Yin Yoga This slow, meditative practice is designed to mindfully stress your body's connective tissues as you breathe into the ever-changing sensations that arise in long-held poses.

If you have any questions or comments concerning fitness classes please call Jennifer Neil 403-298-4766 or

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